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home healthcare rostering and management
home care management
home care scheduling
scheduling and management system
home care rota
home care rostering software
  • Secured Web-Access from anywhere.
  • State-of-the-Art roster for scheduling.
  • Managable access for each power admin and multiple sub-admins.
  • Integrated with map API for auto-calculations of rates and viewing the directions of payroll.
  • Auto-generated notification to assigned caregiver for their next assignment by SMS or email.
  • Easy management for rates for regular working hours, evening hours, weekend shifts, and special events/holidays.
  • Complete system for all operations of an agency.
  • Accessible on all smart devices: iPad, iPhone, and Android devices such as Galaxy.
  • Includes access to our friendly customer care helpdesk.
  • Integrated telephony for appointment tracking.
  • Paperless reports, invoicing and payroll with export or print options.
  • Caregiver job applications and tracking.
  • Direct client acceptance from website or manually.
  • Separate portal access for clients, caregivers and office staff.
  • Training and certification tracking within the system.
  • Best performance, functionality and lightest application in the market.
  • Integration within agency's own website.
  • Customization of look & feel as per agency's website.
  • One click assigning of most suitable caregiver along with the distance calculation and suggest best suitable caregiver for the appointment.
  • Multiple caregivers and services can be assigned to a single appointment.
  • View and update the schedules from the rooster.
  • Automated notification for the request of client and caregiver for changes.
  • Completed appoinments are invoiced and payroll is completed on a single click.
  • Historical data storage and easy access.
  • Web based system for easy access from anywhere.
  • Online access to service users and caregivers to their profiles and respective accounts.
  • UI/UX design for better user experience.
  • Integrated to client's current website or a dynamic website can be added to the package.
  • CliqCare is customizable in terms of looks and feels as per client's website.
  • Any additional features and customization is available on demand.
  • Third parts maps and SMS services are integrated with the system.
  • A map, SMS or any third party API of your preferred provider can be integrated.
  • CliqCare can be integrated with any third party system or software.
  • Online signup for services and requesting & managing all the serives online through the portal.
  • Online access from anywhere to manage the appointments, respites and other related data.
  • Personal profile management.
  • Personal schedule management.
  • Caregiver's preferences for requesting the caregiver of his/her choice.
  • Respite request to admin.
  • Access historical data for subscriptions and payments.
  • Online signup for job.
  • Online access access from anywhere.
  • Personal profile management.
  • Client preferences to request to serve the preferred service user.
  • Personal schedule management.
  • Time-off requests.
  • View and print access to current and historical payrolls.
  • Multiple admin management and assigning of saperate sections to each sub-admin.
  • New signup requests from services users and caregivers along with required details giving the option of approving/rejecting any requests to the power admin.
  • Direct or manual signups for the service users and caregivers to process in-person or phone subscription requests.
  • Scheduling and roster management.
  • Service user's and caregiver's data management.
  • Easy handeling of time-off and respite requests.
  • Detailed reports for individual clients and caregivers for any duration.
  • Detailed reports of all the clients and carergivers.
  • Auto invoices and payroll generation.
  • Detailed financial reports including invoices, payrolls and historical reports.
  • Print or export to Excel format.
  • Generation of reports for any duration for current or historical data.

CliqCare is available in multiple packages and purchasing options, based on each company’s independent needs and budget. CliqCare has purchasing plans available for different levels of businesses to make it equally effective for small start ups till large enterprises to fit their budgets and usage.

CliqCare can be purchased or leased on monthly, quarterly or annual basis to give you freedom of using this unique web application. Each plan includes access and management for unlimited number of users, administrators and care-givers. Unlike other software in market, CliqCare is not priced on the basis of number of users, so there is no restriction on number of users. Moreover, CliqCare is available for the companies with offices at multiple locations, giving the option of monitoring all the offices from a central portal while each location can be managed by separate administrator.

At CliqCare, we understand your requirements and match the right solution with those requirements while keeping it within your budget. Please Contact us for more details and our pricing plans.

CliqCare is a web based management and scheduling/rota software. It is compatible with latest versions of all modern browsers and OS platforms. CliqCare is designed very flexible for customization, giving extreme user friendly processing of all the operations. CliqCare is versioned for each of the following industries:

  • Home Care agencies
  • Home Healthcare agencies
  • Baby sitting services provider agencies
  • Elder Care home services providers
  • Mental & physical care services providers
  • On-call services provider agencies

At Webnomics Technologies, our focus is the changing industrial needs and the most modern solutions to automate the processes. CliqCare is designed to manage all the needs of home care and nursing agencies in a single interface in the most user friendly way.

CliqCare is a web based and fully automated application giving the freedom to be used in your own business environment with full customization. Giving freedom of managing unlimited caregivers and clients and their needs, CliqCare is easy to use and saves a lot of money by reducing man power to handle the management and scheduling tasks. Starting from the service user’s acceptance in the system till the invoicing and payroll, CliqCare is fully automated and takes a few clicks to get the job done.

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Save manpower; Save more profits
home care scheduling and management
CliqCare reduces the efforts needed to management & scheduling of careworkers to around 50%. That means the extra efforts needed in schduling is converted into more profits.
Ultimate Security for the application.
home care scheduling and management
CliqCare gives a secured access to the users and make sure that no unauthorized entry is permitted to acces the system. Additonal web security can be provided by the use of SSL encryption to secure the data transfer and processing over the internet.
Latest Technology gives ultimate performance, great functionality and accuracy.
home care scheduling and management
CliqCare is based on the state-of-the-art MVC framework within leading ASP.NET technology, giving great responsiveness and functionality, making the application light weight and stable when used with large number of transactions and users at a time.
Ease of access from anywhere on the internet.
home care scheduling and management
CliqCare is a web based system, giving the freedom of accessing their personal secured portals from anywhere. Means, a user can access the system from own location, anywhere in the world or on the go, can update appointments, schedules and request new services. At the same time, administration can handle their tasks from anywhere. There is no requirement of download, installation or anything else to run CliqCare. You can access the system form any web based environment with a computer and an internet connection.
Integrated Maps to auto-calculate the distances & direction
home care scheduling and management
CliqCare is integrated with third party maps, giving auto calculation of distances for payroll purpose and direction guidance to the care workers. The whole process is automated, means the distances and directions are calculated at the time of assigning a care worker to an appointment and the distance and directions are sent to the care worker in notifications.
Auto-notifications to the service users and care workers.
home care scheduling and management
CliqCare sends automatic notifications to the service users and care workers at the time an appointment is assigned to a care worker. It keeps the process simple and reduces the extra efforts of sending notifications manually. Moreover, CliqCare is integrated with third party SMS services and auto generated notifications about appointments are sent to the careworkers to update them about their tasks.
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